As a product of the public schools in East Harlem’s District 4, Robert understands that when it comes to our schools, students have to be the top priority.

As an Assemblymember, Robert has worked to highlight the lack of technology in our schools in his report “Uptown Upgrade.” In Albany, Robert fought hard to eliminate the barriers that surrounded K-12 education. These actions resulted in a budget that prioritized education and increased foundation aid, including a $50 million increase in aide for community schools. Robert has also remained focused on making a higher education available to more young men and women, sponsoring legislation that would enable students to automatically apply to SUNY and CUNY.

As a council member, Robert will continue to be a strong supporter for teachers by making sure they have the resources, training, and equipment necessary to give each student the education they deserve.



It is vital that residents of East Harlem and the South Bronx have access to reliable subway service and affordable fares without facing the severe overcrowding riders currently experience.

Transportation Equity

From Albany, Robert Rodriguez has worked for transportation equity with his Move NY Fair Plan bill. This progressive plan would lock in over $1 billion in available resources to invest in the City’s transportation infrastructure and work to keep fares affordable.

Phase 2: Second Avenue Subway

In Albany, Robert fought aggressively for the MTA to put $1.5 billion back into their capital plan for Phase 2 of the Second Avenue Subway. From City Hall, Robert will continue to work with City and State agencies to ensure that phase two of construction remains on schedule.



Robert Rodriguez is dedicated to maintaining a building and community infrastructure that both enhances and protects resident’s quality of life.

Waterfront Access

In order to preserve valuable open spaces along the City’s waterfront, Robert proposed a 30-year feasibility plan to revitalize the East Harlem waterfront from 96th to 125th Streets. From 2015-2017 he was able to secure $4 million to build a state-of-the-art East River Esplanade and PIer 107 in East Harlem.

Air Quality Protection

Just as we require smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in our buildings, it is important that methane detectors are also prioritized. In Albany, Robert introduced legislation requiring the installation of combustible gas detectors in all residential dwellings. This legislation will save lives, property, city resources, and the environment from needless destruction due to gas leaks.



Since his time serving as Chair of Community Board 11 in East Harlem, and continuing during his time serving in the Assembly, Robert Rodriguez has been a champion for NYCHA tenants and affordable housing. District 8 needs experienced representation that understands the issues housing tenants face.

As a City Council representative, Robert Rodriguez will make sure NYCHA developments receive the repairs they have been promised, fight to preserve developments, help to address the long waiting lists, and work to remove scaffolding sheds from properties where no active work is taking place.



Throughout his tenure in Albany, Robert has fought for clean energy, clean water, renewable energy, and open space.

Addressing Climate Change

Last year, Robert co-sponsored A10342, enacting the New York State climate and community protection act, which would help put the State on track to minimize the adverse impacts of climate change through a combination of measures to reduce statewide greenhouse gas emissions.

Resiliency & Recovery

In May of 2015, Robert introduced legislation that would give special powers to the New York State Environmental Corp. to aid in the protection of New Yorkers during times of flooding by allowing them to own and improve resiliency at the East River Esplanade.

Electric Taxi’s

As a supporter of renewable energy and emissions control, Robert believes the CIty must further its commitment to an electric taxi fleet. With more of these vehicles and charging stations available, the City will be able to significantly lessen its carbon footprint while also saving money on transportation costs.


Criminal Justice Reform

Growing up in El Barrio, Robert is no stranger to the struggle of keeping New York’s streets safe. The moment Robert became a community activist, he began working to increase public safety. In his capacity as a State Assemblyman, Robert was a supporter of Raise the Age and the decriminalization of marijuana. In 2010 50,383 people were arrested for low-level marijuana possession - 86% of whom were black or latino. Robert believes in supporting progressive legislation that ensures our young people are given a fair chance to turn their lives around.



Creating a thriving community is also about creating a healthy one. Assemblyman Robert Rodriguez is committed to increasing the quality of life for East Harlem and South Bronx community members and bringing additional resources to address the health issues that disproportionately affect residents of District 8.

Healthcare & Seniors

Pushing for investment in primary care facilities, Robert passed legislation to provide funding for the construction of the facilities and will continue to advocate for the success of partnerships with providers and specialty care clinics.


East Harlem and the South Bronx have the highest rates of asthma in the nation, with air pollution and traffic activity being rooted as primary asthma triggers. With Robert’s proven record of fighting for environmental legislation, he can be counted on to improve outdoor air quality and family health through the reduction or elimination of asthma triggers.



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